Burress a sleeper for 2009 

June, 15, 2009

As late-round picks go, it certainly wasn't the worst one I had seen. I was participating in a fantasy football dispersal draft of sorts for a keeper league about a month ago, as a few of the teams were picking apart the carcasses of teams whose owners were leaving the league, and I couldn't find any wide receiver depth. Derrick Mason was looking like my final keeper in this deep league, and I knew that wasn't good. Then someone said the magic words, a name that I had frankly forgotten about: Plaxico Burress.

I knew I had missed a potential opportunity. Hey, stranger things have happened. Back then I thought it was a decent late-round pick, since Burress does have significant upside. Now the pick looks even better. Burress does, however, have two problems. One, he needs to avoid prison. Two, he needs a team to play on. Let's not be so naive as to assume if he and his lawyers can take care of the first problem, the second one will somehow find a way to work itself out.