Pedro Martinez's Phillies expectations 

July, 15, 2009

As a lifelong fan of the world champion Philadelphia Phillies -- hey, why not milk that for as long as I can, right? -- I didn't see the need for the team to sign Pedro Martinez. The future Hall of Famer hasn't pitched to the level of that moniker in years. He'll tax the bullpen and has never been known as a good clubhouse presence, and ultimately, I'm not sure he's anything better than the team's current options for the fifth-starter role. Alas, here he is. Should fantasy owners be skeptical as well?

The Phillies didn't spend a great deal of money to sign Martinez, only a million bucks in actual salary, with the rest based on incentives, so this is basically a no-risk move. If Martinez pitches well, good for the Phillies and good for fantasy owners who take the chance. If he does not pitch well, it's not as if the Phillies spent so much money that it makes acquiring Roy Halladay impossible. $1 million is a lot to normal people, but in baseball, I understand the reason behind adding an available three-time Cy Young winner for two-plus months of a season when he passes the team's tests for performance in simulated action as well as doctors' poking and prodding him. Plus, the Phillies can keep all their prospects.