Sherrill loses value; Johnson likely O's closer 

July, 30, 2009

Fantasy owners shouldn't be at all surprised that the Baltimore Orioles finally traded closer George Sherrill. We've been preparing people for this day for a while, in "Relief Efforts" and other online content, in podcasts, and on television. Sure, last-place teams like the Orioles need closers, too, but generally not 32-year-old lefties with limited experience in the role who don't figure to develop with a young team.

George Sherrill
G Fiume/Getty Images George Sherrill racked up 51 saves in two seasons with the Orioles, but he'll be a set-up guy for the Dodgers.
The Dodgers, on the other hand, have one of the most overworked bullpens in baseball, and they desperately needed help for Jonathan Broxton, Hong-Chih Kuo, Ramon Troncoso and pals. Entering Thursday, Dodgers relief pitchers had thrown an amazing 350 innings, with only the Padres' bullpen logging more. Of the teams with the seven bullpens logging the most innings, only the Dodgers would be playoff participants if the season ended today.