Brady, WRs and coachspeak 

August, 28, 2009
It's back.

Back in the day here at ESPN Fantasy, I used to write a popular fantasy football and baseball blog, and now I'm pleased to announce I'm writing it again, just in time for this pigskin season. There's always a lot to discuss in fantasy sports, and you know I will bring a strong opinion as I look to entertain and inform. Look for multiple short, concise blog entries per weekday and when news warrants, and of course I want your feedback, whether you agree or disagree with a topic discussed, or have an idea in mind you would like to see me write about. It's your blog, too, so let's get right to it.

The NFL season will start for good -- and yes, the offseason is so looooong that I do call it "good" -- in fewer than two weeks when the Titans and Steelers meet. Many of you will be drafting this weekend, before Labor Day, so you can relax and do other things the first weekend of September.