Seahawks, Panthers rankings risers 

September, 9, 2009
Wednesdays are the day you will find the much-awaited ESPN Fantasy weekly rankings, and you probably will notice the lists are quite a bit different from ranker to ranker. I can't answer to how my colleagues Matthew Berry, Christopher Harris and Erik Kuselias go about ranking their players, but I generally let my best players play, no matter the matchup.

Of course, I take into account the matchups, mainly the good ones, but I'm a believer that if I drafted a guy to start in Week 1, I'll probably let him do so. I'm a bit conservative that way. I find it hard to believe I would have three running backs better than Chris Johnson for Week 1, for example, so even though it's tough to call his matchup against the champion Steelers a good one, it's doubtful I would bench the guy. The surprises from me will be players I think will do better than others.

Anyway, you can see the rankings on our fantasy football page on Wednesdays, and you should know these are for standard leagues. Here are three things that jumped out at me while I was ranking my players: