Holmes makes good impression, Parker a bad one 

September, 11, 2009
Anyone remember how Maurice Jones-Drew opened the 2008 season? I certainly do. He ran five times for 13 yards in a loss at Tennessee. I recall the angry Jones-Drew owners filling our e-mail boxes with venomous diatribes about how bad he was, how they had wasted their second-round pick, how they weren't sure whether they could trust him moving forward. I'd say Jones-Drew turned out fine with his 14 touchdowns. Plenty of pretty decent running backs struggled in Week 1 last season -- Steve Slaton is another -- and it didn't derail them.

Advice: Buy low on Willie Parker, within reason. He won't end up a top-10 running back, but he'll be a valuable asset.

I don't know why anyone would have expected "Fast Willie" to go nuts anyway in the opener Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans. I didn't. I didn't rank him as if he would. There are 15 games left, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have arguably the biggest cake schedule in the league. Parker won't face a matchup like this one for a while, maybe not at all if the Baltimore Ravens take a step backward. Parker ran for only 19 yards Thursday, but I still see another 1,300-plus yards in his future this season. I did, however, determine that Rashard Mendenhall might not need to be owned even in 10-team leagues. I mean, Parker looked bad -- it's tough to spin it another way -- but Mendenhall might be bad. Call me unimpressed. Mewelde Moore is the reserve Steelers running back I'd want, if I wanted one.