Ranking Favre, NFC East running backs and more 

September, 16, 2009

Don't start Mark Sanchez over Matt Schaub this week, don't think about trading Steven Jackson for Julius Jones, and most of all, don't panic. I know that's not the advice that many of you want to hear, but that's really the tone of this week, as so many people who lost in Week 1 have designs on turning their roster over. Sure, some of you got walloped in Week 1. One of my teams, a decent one at that, had its score nearly tripled. Now I'm the laughingstock of the league. Of course, some of those same players who laid a collective egg will be just fine in Week 2 and beyond. The point is, when it comes my decision-making at this point for roster moves and the weekly rankings, I can tell you I remain conservative. I'm going to give Matt Forte a few more chances, trust me.

The much-awaited ESPN Fantasy weekly rankings are up for Week 2 and as always I have some thoughts on the trends I saw and took part in.