T.O. leaves ranks of automatic fantasy starts 

September, 28, 2009
This is surprising. Normally it takes Terrell Owens more than a full season in a new NFL home to become disenchanted with his situation. In Buffalo, it seems it has already happened. After Sunday's first catchless game since 1996, he didn't bust out and rip everyone, but it's coming. You know it's coming.

If you could re-draft wide receivers today, would T.O. even be among your top 20? Perhaps, but not definitely. After Sunday's goose egg -- keeping his season total at a sad five receptions for 98 yards through three games, with none of those matchups looking terribly difficult -- I am definitely viewing him differently. I'm not ready to stick a fork in the guy, but let's face this realization: Owens isn't an automatic fantasy start anymore.

Some weeks I'll view him as a top-20 wide receiver, some I won't. Isn't that major fantasy news in itself? Will he reach 1,000 receiving yards? Six touchdowns? This guy got a monumental pass for this season when it came to how he was viewed. I'm guilty, too. Heading into Week 3, the consensus rankers placed him at No. 12 among wide receivers. Ugh. Deon Butler, Mohamed Massaquoi and LaRod Stephens-Howling caught passes Sunday. Owens caught as many as you and I did.