Week 5 flex rankings: Browns, Jets WRs in focus 

October, 8, 2009
[Editor's Note: These rankings were slightly updated Friday based on injuries and other factors.]

No time to waste this week, so let's just get to the flex rankings quickly. As always, please remember I have no biases against any players. I check out the conversations and read all the feedback, and sure, there are going to be players you disagree about, but realize I have a reason for why Terrell Owens is ranked where he is, and why I really like Roddy White this week. You should chime in when you want, make your opinions heard! Hey, we have disagreements all the time on the ESPN Fantasy staff, too. That's why the "Called Out" feature written by Tristan Cockcroft is so interesting. One man might love Mohamed Massaquoi this week, another might have him buried. You need to know why. I try my best to explain my opinions all week. Here we go with the flex rankings.

1. Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: He tweaked his leg, but until I see him on an injury report, he's my No. 1.