Ten things we learned in Week 6 

October, 19, 2009
Stunned. I must have uttered that word 10 times while watching events unfold Sunday. I don't think anything was more stunning than what Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did to the Tennessee Titans. I've had Brady on my buy-low list for weeks, but there's no way I expected what he did. Five touchdowns in the second quarter? A 45-0 lead at the half? They just kept scoring, showing no mercy. It was beautiful (unless you were going against Brady and/or Randy Moss).

Football is a great game because so much of what happens is unexpected, even in the big games. Sure, we figured the Patriots would have little trouble scoring against the Titans, but 59 points? Brady, Moss and Wes Welker had to be active for you.

With that, here are the 10 most important things I learned Sunday. And yes, some of them are just stunning. I learned that ...