10 things we learned: Favre, McNabb inconsistent 

November, 2, 2009
Brett Favre didn't look like a great fantasy play for his trip back to Lambeau Field this past weekend. Then again, I didn't expect the Packers to put up so small a fight.

It's tough to evaluate Favre, other than to say it seems he can put up 20-plus fantasy points whenever he wants to, but we won't know when that will be. Heck, he might even change his mind. Favre averaged 11 fantasy points in cake matchups against the Browns, Lions and Rams this season. Meanwhile, he totaled 47 fantasy points in two games against the Packers and destroyed the Ravens. The schedule gets easier for Favre the rest of the way, so that should tell us to go get him, but why am I conflicted? The Vikings won't play the Packers again. Don't tell me Favre didn't circle those two games on his "exotic birds of the earth" 2009 calendar before the season.

I know motivation plays a role in player performance, but I guess I underestimated what this 40-year-old quarterback could do in that mostly hostile environment. Favre couldn't outscore Aaron Rodgers from a fantasy sense, but he topped every other quarterback Sunday and got a resounding win. But I think we've learned that Favre, in non-Packers matchups, remains a weekly conundrum for fantasy owners. Great, just what we need.