Ricky's number, and other Week 10 decisions 

November, 13, 2009

Remember the years when the Indianapolis Colts would place multiple wide receivers in the top 10 for fantasy football scoring? One year they even made it three players as Brandon Stokley joined the dynamic duo of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Think about how rare something like that is, to have more than two players at the same position from the same team have so much success. From a fantasy standpoint, you might wonder if all options are usable each week. Of course they are!

This phenomenon of multiple weapons in fantasy at the position probably happens at wide receiver more than you think. The Arizona Cardinals had two top wide receivers last season, and sans injury might have done it again this year, just as the New England Patriots did in the Tom Brady record-setting season, and could do it again. But what about at running back? How can that possibly happen?