Whatever happened to: Daisuke Matsuzaka 

January, 13, 2010
Every so often I get an e-mail from a buddy asking me whatever happened to (insert name here), usually a former Phillie such as Bake McBride or Larry Christensen or someone like that. Even now we'll Google the names, look around for info and ultimately share our memories of those players. "Remember the time Steve Jeltz homered from each side of the plate in one game?" Oh yeah, I sure do. I was there at the Vet that day! Oddly enough, a buddy of mine ended up finding Jeltz on Facebook recently.

But when it comes to fantasy baseball, I find that people have shorter memories. Too many people I know can recall with vivid memory what Danny Heep hit in 1986 -- I know a lot of Mets fans, but hey, I don't judge -- but they forget what Daisuke Matsuzaka accomplished in 2008, a theme we're likely to see in drafts this spring. So I asked my editor if I could start a weekly Wednesday blog in which we ask that very important question, "Whatever happened to ... ?" Who knows, maybe we can find a handful of players who could be fantasy sleepers this season.

I'll aim to choose names that are in the news for whatever reason, remind people the path these players took to what might some believe is irrelevance, and then come to some conclusion as to the players' value. If you have thoughts on players you'd like to see covered -- or can tell me whatever happened to Bake McBride! -- then you know where to find me.