Saints, Colts playoff performance affect '10 drafts 

February, 9, 2010

I find the phenomenon of overrating actual real-life playoff performance in future fantasy drafts is more prevalent in fantasy baseball than in fantasy football. Then again, lasting impressions count for a lot in fantasy sports, just like everyday life. If you're sitting there in late August at your 2010 fantasy football draft and want to pick a running back in the fourth round, chances are you'll recall how good New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush looked en route to helping his team win the Super Bowl, and you might select him over someone who, well, didn't.

A year ago around this time, when Larry Fitzgerald, Santonio Holmes and other members of the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers were entertaining us all in Super Bowl XLIII -- that's 43, by the way -- I thought this would affect their future fantasy-draft value some. I believe it absolutely did. Fitzgerald finished the 2008 season as fantasy's No. 2 wide receiver, a bit behind Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans, but it was Fitzgerald who went first in 2009 ESPN average live drafts. Fitzgerald finished fifth in standard scoring, while Johnson, not surprisingly, was first. I wonder if Johnson had starred in the Super Bowl, would he have been picked over Fitzgerald? As for Holmes, his MVP performance in the biggest game accurately depicted a harbinger of things to come. His draft position soared to No. 20 among wide receivers in 2009, and he actually outperformed that value with career bests in receptions and yards. In his case, he wasn't overrated enough.