Flex rankings: Falcons ranked favorably 

November, 8, 2012
Someone posed an interesting question last week on Twitter about these flex rankings, and my answer is worth sharing with everyone: The reason we don't simply start the rankings with say, No. 10 at running back and wide receiver is because we just don't know where that line is with fantasy teams, and we shouldn't leave any options out. Take this week, for example, with Arian Foster not being in the top spot. In theory, someone could own the two running backs ranked ahead of Foster this week, and would have to consider sitting the Houston Texans' stud if his active roster limit was two running backs.

That's unlikely, of course, but it's still possible, and it's why we don't simply start our top 100 list with the likes of Rashad Jennings or Andre Johnson. We have to make sure all the worthy flex options are properly ranked.

Hopefully these flex rankings have been helpful for you this season. For more advice, check out the Week 10 staff rankings in the usual spots, and perhaps your question was answered either in my Wednesday chat session or will be by my colleagues today or tomorrow. You can also find me on Twitter (I am @karabellespn).