Top five RB handcuffs for 2010 season 

August, 11, 2010

In every fantasy football draft, there comes the time to start selecting backup running backs. I'm not talking about the numerous players in potential time-shares -- Jonathan Stewart, Ricky Williams, Thomas Jones -- but those who aren't expected to start or provide many fantasy points. Most of these fellows possess value. They're just one tweaked ankle away from being very, very important. I'm talking about players like Minnesota Vikings rookie Toby Gerhart, this season's prime example of a handcuff.

I must admit I don't generally seek out running back handcuffs for my own starters, because I believe in most cases that even in ideal conditions, with a run-first offense, a strong offensive line and an injury-prone starter, there are still no guarantees. I'm still looking for the best player available, and if that player happens to have no connection to my top running backs, so be it. For years, I've seen people seek out handcuffs for Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk and LaDainian Tomlinson -- the top running backs -- with little success, doing so in Round 5 or so. Talk about fruitless.