Five things we learned: Brett Favre rusty 

August, 30, 2010
During the regular season, one of the KaraBlogs you'll see each Monday discusses the key things I learned from the games that weekend. Why should the preseason be any different? Sure, the games don't matter much, and numerous key players either aren't dressed for action or play sparingly, but it's still football, and we can always learn something. Really, all the weekends are interesting to me from this point on. Sorry, family, I'll see you guys in February after the Super Bowl.

So away we go! From this busy weekend of preseason football, I learned that ...

... Brett Favre's rustiness is overrated: Yeah, so the old guy made some mistakes. He'll make more of them. Favre threw a pair of interceptions against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, lost a fingernail after getting his hand stepped on and certainly didn't move around as well as the Minnesota Vikings' coaches might have wanted ... but it's the preseason. If anyone in the NFL is going to be ready in Week 1, shouldn't it be this guy? I'm getting questions from many sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) asking whether Favre is done, whether he can be a fantasy starter, wondering about interception totals. Really, you ask these questions after one preseason tilt? Don't knock him down in your rankings because of one preseason game. He's still my No. 9 quarterback. If I move him, it would be one spot up, ahead of Jay Cutler, not back.