Flex ranks: LeSean McCoy still in top 15 

October, 14, 2010
There are plenty of storylines involving quarterbacks this week, with Ben Roethlisberger returning, Brett Favre hurting and Aaron Rodgers yearning to play, but when you get right down to it you need the running backs and wide receivers to come through. It's Thursday, and thus time for the flex rankings, where we go through the best of the best, and for those who need it, even some of the not-so-best at the latter end of the top 100.

As always, use these rankings as a guide, but ultimately make your own decisions for active rosters. These are, after all, your teams. And please keep up with the news right up to game time on Sunday. Things are sure to change in the coming days.

Enjoy, and best of luck with your decisions in Week 6.