Tony Romo, 'Boys helpful despite losses 

October, 18, 2010
The Dallas Cowboys have a miserable 1-4 record after Sunday's 24-21 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. They are, as the NFL page headline blared Monday, "A Flat-Out Disaster." Panic has more than set in. Writers are proclaiming the season over, even with 11 games remaining. Certainly one could question whether the Cowboys can become playoff contenders, whether they have the right coach and the entire state of the organization.

Of course, fantasy owners wouldn't term the Cowboys a flat-out disaster. On the contrary, the Cowboys are doing just fine for us, thriving when it comes to the stat sheets, and I think each key member of the offense makes for a wise buy-low option right now.

Tony Romo
Rafael Suanes/US PresswireTony Romo is taking heat for the team's losses, but he still has been a top-10 fantasy quarterback.
Tony Romo entered Sunday as fantasy's No. 8 quarterback, then delivered another 20-point performance for standard leagues. He'll be no worse than sixth at his position entering Week 7. Sure, we could do without some of the mistakes -- and the Cowboys could, as well -- but Romo has been known for the occasional errant pass or untimely fumble in the past, and he has remained productive. Frankly, with the schedule featuring nothing scary that would prevent future strong Romo performances -- the Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals remain! -- I would absolutely target him in a trade.