Stock Watch: Sell high on Kyle Orton? 

October, 26, 2010
Through five weeks, it was tough to find a better, if not more surprising, quarterback-wide receiver duo in the league than the Denver Broncos' Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd. Even now, seven games into their season, Orton ranks as fantasy's No. 3 fantasy quarterback, barely behind Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers, while Lloyd is the No. 3 fantasy wide receiver for the season. Suffice to say, fantasy owners can't complain about these fellows.

However, things haven't gone so well for them the past two games. Hey, it's one thing to lose a close game and register somewhat muted statistics against the New York Jets, but Sunday's embarrassing 59-14 home loss to the Oakland Raiders was stunning on many levels and could have long-term ramifications that fantasy owners don't want to think about. The Broncos are 2-5. The playoffs are looking like a dream. And first-round pick Tim Tebow is, as you might have heard, a much-ballyhooed quarterback.

Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton
AP Photo/Gail BurtonBrandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton have a combined 38 fantasy points over the Broncos' past two games.
Rumors about the Orton era soon being passed to Tebow aren't exactly running rampant in Colorado, but the media has been discussing it. If the Broncos as a team can't turn things around this weekend in London against the even-worse San Francisco 49ers -- way to sell our brand of football across the pond! -- Orton's run not just as fantasy hero but as a starter could be over. (Gee, think the Cowboys could use him?) This hardly means Tebow will succeed in the role as starter. Most rookies find their first foray into the league very difficult. At the same time, while Orton has built up trust with fantasy owners, I'm guessing the Broncos organization is even less thrilled with his recent play than we are. Orton has totaled 27 fantasy points the past two weeks, both losses, but if the Broncos are looking to the future, certainly we can all agree he's not expected to be a major part of it.