Brett Favre's ranking takes a dip 

October, 29, 2010

As if you can't tell from watching "SportsCenter" round-the-clock, it's always about Brett Favre. As of Friday morning, I can't pretend to know whether Favre will or will not play Sunday against the New England Patriots. I don't think coach Brad Childress knows, either, though he keeps telling people he's leaning this way or that. Some advice for Brad: Stop talking about it. It will still be an issue Sunday morning.

Brett Favre
AP Photo/Andy KingBrett Favre's streak of 291 consecutive starts is definitely in jeopardy.
My advice to fantasy owners is whether he suits up this week or not, don't give up on Favre, even as I see he's one of ESPN's most dropped quarterbacks. Yes, statistically this has not been a productive Favre this season, as he has more interceptions than touchdown passes and fewer fantasy points than 27 quarterbacks, including David Garrard, Vince Young and a pair of Philadelphia Eagles passers. But I do like the matchup and the way he has overcome injuries in the past.