Stock Watch: Donovan McNabb's value 

November, 2, 2010
What should we make of the Donovan McNabb situation in fantasy football? On one hand, Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan made quite a statement Sunday when he yanked his quarterback in the closing minutes of a loss to the Detroit Lions, deciding backup Rex Grossman was the best man for the two-minute drill. Casting aside how laughable that seems -- Rex Grossman? -- or the explanations Shanahan grasped at Sunday and then adjusted Monday, McNabb's stock certainly has to take some hit until the next game.

On the other hand, McNabb has either the same amount of fantasy points (Tom Brady) or more (Eli Manning, Matt Schaub and, of course, that Brett Favre fellow) than some notable quarterbacks. Yes, it's a tad misleading because all those players have already served their bye weeks, and McNabb's is Week 9 (this coming Sunday). But the point is, McNabb might be the No. 25-rated quarterback in the NFL and frustrating to watch play, but he has been a top-10 performer at his position in fantasy. Hard to do when you have more interceptions than touchdowns, but McNabb has found a way.

Rob Grabowski/US PresswireDonovan McNabb is a risky option entering the second half.
Shanahan's odd move will be a topic of discussion for the next two weeks in our nation's capital -- unless of course the team signs Randy Moss -- but fantasy owners should realize the McNabb era in Washington isn't likely to improve as the season continues. In other words, it's unlikely he ends up as a top-10 quarterback, so act accordingly. McNabb has been statistically consistent, with precisely one touchdown pass in seven consecutive weeks, and there's certainly value in that, but there's little reason for fantasy owners to expect deviation from the norm. McNabb is an injury risk, and clearly he's at risk of being benched for the likes of Grossman. Seeing how his confidence level tends to fluctuate and how it has affected previous performance, I'm guessing he's already wondering which team he'll call home in 2011.