Ranks reaction: Saints still lack quality RB 

November, 17, 2010
Now that the bye weeks are complete, both for NFL players and yours truly, fantasy football owners have a lot more options. That said, I'm still not real excited about the running back options when it comes to the defending Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints. Reggie Bush is apparently back in the lineup for Week 11, and hey, good for him and anyone who has waited two months for his broken leg to heal. But I didn't rank him or any Saints running back particularly well this week, and I could see a scenario in which that remains the case for the rest of the season.

I settled on Bush at No. 42 among running backs, which means he's certainly not a starter for me and probably won't be ranked well in Thursday's flex rankings either. I just don't trust that Bush is going to get enough touches to matter statistically, because, well, it has been a really long time since he has. I think his presence, whether as a receiving decoy out of the backfield or actual threat, will help Drew Brees, whom I ranked third at quarterback this week -- yes, ahead of the great Michael Vick! -- but I still expect marginal numbers overall.

Then there's Pierre Thomas. I dropped him in a shallow league recently because I have little faith he will play in November, and let's face it, once you get to December, fantasy playoff time, it's tough to rely on someone who has missed so much time. Thomas has not been officially ruled out of this week's contest against the Seattle Seahawks, but I didn't bother ranking him, just like my fellow rankers.