Week 13's sneaky pickups are ... 

December, 3, 2010

It seemed so obvious to me at the time, a pair of innocuous clicks of the mouse really, but I signed free agents Ryan Grant and Vincent Jackson in a keeper league last week. Not to bore you with stories about my teams, but clearly the action was lost on others in my league as well. Each of the 14 teams in the league has to keep six players. I had some bench space; I'm a planner by nature ... welcome to the team, Ryan and Vincent. I didn't see a downside.

[+] EnlargeVincent Jackson
AP Photo/Greg TrottAfter all that waiting for Vincent Jackson, you may just have to wait until next year to get full fantasy value from him.
While the injured Green Bay Packers running back will not help me this month, and the jury remains out on the troubled -- emotionally and physically, I suppose -- San Diego Chargers wide receiver, these moves will feel a lot smarter next August. And since I realize a good portion of those reading these ESPN Fantasy pages are not playoff bound, it seems wise to starting thinking about the future. Heck, even if you can still qualify for your championship round, part ways with that last guy on your bench and plan ahead.