Quarterback wrap: Beyond Michael Vick 

January, 7, 2011

While I suspect New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will end up winning the NFL's MVP award, he really didn't make the largest impact at his position for fantasy football owners. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick outscored Brady and every other signal caller in the league, and while the pessimist points out he didn't play every game -- for example, Week 17, as well as Weeks 5-7 -- that doesn't really diminish his importance. Every week that Vick played a full game, he gave you -- and the Eagles -- a terrific chance to win.

This was an odd season for fantasy quarterbacks, and not merely because the top fellow wasn't drafted in most leagues and had last been a relevant statistical provider in 2006. While Brady, Vick and shocking Tampa Bay Buccaneers sophomore Josh Freeman tossed precious few interceptions, quite a few big-name options struggled in this capacity, from league leader Eli Manning to Drew Brees and even Peyton Manning. If your league scoring really penalized picks, that was a problem. Some of the league's worst teams provided some of the surprise quarterback performances -- Kyle Orton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, backups in Detroit and Dallas -- and by December a rookie with a decorated college resume, not the one that went with the first overall pick, by the way, was supplying 20-plus fantasy points per week.