Playoff ranks: Champ. games, Super Bowl 

January, 19, 2011
And then there were four.

Well, four teams, but only three games left in the NFL postseason. Two of the games are pending this weekend, and then, of course, there's the big one in February in Dallas. The top seeds, however, are gone. No more Tom Brady or Matt Ryan. Ray Rice, Michael Turner and the Law Firm are out as well. And we and the Chicago Bears can't kick the Seattle Seahawks around anymore.

You've got one more shot to change your lineups in ESPN's Gridiron Playoff Challenge, and I'd certainly suggest you look into doing so, even if all nine of your selections are still active heading into conference championship weekend. There are entries with perfect lineups, but I'm guessing you're more like me, having relied on at least one member of the New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons.