Can Collins keep Colts options relevant? 

September, 8, 2011
Well, this latest news on Peyton Manning is pretty disheartening. I mean, if we can't count on this guy, who can we count on? Over the past week or two, it became clear that selecting Manning in the first three or four rounds of a fantasy draft would be a bit risky, knowing he not only could miss a game or two (or three), but his always stellar performance could be affected when he returned.

Now, however, it's tough to make a case to draft the guy at all. Sad, indeed.

I could point out all the relevant statistics for the suffering Indianapolis Colts quarterback. He's been the best -- not every year, but for the duration -- for more than a decade. Even last season, at 34 years old, he was fantasy's No. 4 quarterback, setting a personal mark with 4,700 passing yards, and his 33 touchdown passes tied for second-most in his career. Perhaps his statistics were buoyed more by volume -- he set career highs in completions and attempts -- but still, if there were signs of decline, they were slight. And he had never missed a game.