Four Downs: The Murray Train rolls on 

November, 14, 2011
Editor's note: Eric Karabell is off this week. Tristan H. Cockcroft will be writing the Four Downs (Sunday night) and flex rankings (Thursday) KaraBlogs, KC Joyner will write the year-to-end ranks KaraBlog (Tuesday), and AJ Mass will write the "sneaky pickups" KaraBlog (Friday). Eric will return Sunday night (Nov. 20) with his Four Downs blog from Week 11.

Suffice to say that two of Week 10's fantasy stars -- other than the week-leading Chicago Bears defense/special teams (34 points!) -- were teammates who were scarcely intriguing commodities at the draft table this preseason.

Just four short weeks ago, DeMarco Murray (22 points Sunday) and Laurent Robinson (19 points) looked like no more than injury fill-ins, players who could help the Dallas Cowboys patch holes created by the injuries to Felix Jones (ankle) and Miles Austin (hamstring), their two much more desirable fantasy draft-day targets. Murray has received three such starts, in Weeks 8-10 -- plus what was effectively a fourth "start" when he had 25 carries in Week 7 -- and Robinson two, in Weeks 4 and 10.