Sneaky pickups for 2012 

December, 16, 2011

Time to get sneaky again! Week 15 has already begun, and while one might think we've run out of angles to cover in the weekly Friday Sneaky Additions blog entry, that's just not true. In recent weeks we've discussed planning ahead for the final playoff rounds, looking at backup quarterbacks that might be called to duty and searched for potential home run hitters among barely-owned wide receivers. Today we'll delve into a topic that one might think isn't as pressing, but it is: Planning ahead. Not for Week 17 necessarily, but for next August.

A year ago this week I was one of the final four teams in a deep league and, to be honest, my lineup was pretty much filling itself out. I didn't have decisions to make each week, with mostly obvious choices. However, I saw a few names on my bench that didn't seem to matter anymore, and decided to think about the following season's keepers. Trust me, it's OK to look ahead to the next season even when the current one hasn't ended. I grabbed running backs Dexter McCluster and Ryan Grant and wide receivers Steve Smith and Victor Cruz. I ended up making the Green Bay Packers running back and the Carolina Panthers wide receiver two of my eight keepers in August 2011.