Week 3 flex ranks: RBs dominate top 10 

September, 19, 2013
One of the interesting things about Week 3 in fantasy is that it's the final week before byes begin. In other words, enjoy the depth, because after this, it will be lessened! You'll see many names in this flex rankings blog entry, and quite a few of them will not be there a week from now when the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers begin Week 4. Hey, it's good to have decisions to make. And hopefully we help in this space as we combine the best of the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends into one tidy list!

For more advice, check out the Week 3 staff rankings in the usual spots, or perhaps your question was answered in one of our chats this week or by me Wednesday.

Good luck to all, and remember these are your teams, so make your own decisions, though it never hurts to get another opinion!