Running back rankings by tiers 

August, 24, 2012

This week's blog entry on wide receiver tiers was such a resounding success, we've decided to keep the love going with running backs, as well. Some people have asked about quarterbacks and tight ends and, yes, even kickers, but the fact is I don't consider a tiered system truly valuable except for wide receivers and running backs.

The impetus behind separating players into tiers is to help a fantasy owner make quick decisions about scarcity of depth in the heat and rush of a draft or auction. As with wide receivers, if you're sitting there in the sixth round and can't decide what to do, if there are five players left in your top tier at one position but only one in another, the call is more obvious. It's also important to note that just because Hakeem Nicks is a Tier 4 wide receiver, it has no bearing on the running backs in the same number tier. That's what overall rankings are for, but this is about positional depth. Oh, and running back gets uglier much quicker.