Rankings: Top 35 rookies for 2012 

August, 28, 2012
Whether it's for keeper leagues or single-season leagues, rookie rankings/thoughts tend to be in high demand, and not just the high-profile options. So here are my rookie rankings for fantasy, with no cornerbacks or linemen here. I'm also omitting the kickers. If I ranked the rookies simply by projected standard scoring, we'd probably find that new Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, for example, might outscore every first-year wide receiver and all but two running backs. You know where to draft the kickers anyway, right? Right?!?

Here are my top rookies for 2012. This is in a vacuum, of course, because I can't possibly know your individual needs by team. Note that most of the players below are not immediately relevant in standard formats. In fact, even the ones who are worth looking at are likely overrated right now. Only one rookie running back (Knowshon Moreno) the past three seasons has finished that season in the top 20 at his position. The quarterbacks will make many mistakes; the wide receivers are unreliable. Here are my top rookies, noting I did not include those who missed their first year due to injury, such as Ryan Williams or Mikel Leshoure.

1. Trent Richardson, RB, Cleveland Browns: Injury is my primary concern, not the offense around him. He should be a reasonable RB2, at least most of the time.