Who will be this year's 'TD vultures?' 

August, 29, 2012
I recall a few months ago, when those owning Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte in keeper leagues bemoaned the Bears' signing of Michael Bush, worried that it would harm Forte's value. After all, Bush is larger than Forte and capable of regular duty. One of the main reasons he was brought in was to handle the goal-line rushing attempts, or be Forte's "touchdown vulture," if you will. Well, my thought both then and now is that this signing was largely irrelevant to Forte's value; it's not like Forte was piling on the rushing touchdowns in the first place.

In fact, Forte, as tremendous a player as he is in the open field -- he was the 2011 league leader in yards from scrimmage when he hurt his knee the first week of December -- has never been a particularly strong option near the goal line, thus the Bush signing makes sense. This doesn't lessen Forte's value. If anything, it could be a positive, as someone with a 30-pound advantage can handle the high-leverage and potentially more injurious touches. We want Forte healthy.

Look at previous TD vultures for the Bears, and Bush should succeed where Chester Taylor and Marion Barber failed. Barber, now retired, actually scored six rushing touchdowns last season, double the total of Forte, but he battled injuries as well, and cost the Bears a December game. Did he hurt Forte's value when both were active? I say he didn't, and neither will Bush.