Is Kevin Ogletree worth picking up? 

September, 6, 2012

Perhaps my favorite illustration of the overrated Week 1 wide receiver who became way too popular with fantasy owners was Frisman Jackson of the 2005 Cleveland Browns. Jackson caught eight passes for 128 yards and a touchdown from Trent Dilfer that opening weekend, and immediately the attention followed. Thankfully, there was no Twitter to explode back then. As often happens with players of Jackson's ilk, Jackson was added in many leagues while also wisely denounced by those that analyze fantasy football for a living; he caught 16 passes the rest of the year and left the NFL that winter.

Let's be clear: I don't feel that way about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree. Fast forward to today, and the two most popular people on Twitter appear to be Ogletree and former President Bill Clinton. One of these guys is actually going to matter in fantasy football this season, but be slightly careful about whom you part with to make it happen. In fact, while I can't begin to admit to expecting eight catches for 114 yards and two touchdowns in Wednesday's opening night win over the New York Giants, the fact is Ogletree has been discussed in this space of late as someone to keep an eye on, though my reasoning focused on opportunity due to the health of those atop the Dallas depth chart, not his ability.