Playoff ranks: Cards, Pats and many QBs

Will David Johnson and Carson Palmer lead the Arizona Cardinals to their first Super Bowl title? Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Welcome to January and even more fantasy football! Perhaps you’re new to NFL postseason pools, but they can be loads of fun because it's different from the regular season when each team plays an equal number of games. In a playoff pool you want to invest in players you think will advance to the Super Bowl and if you guess right, it’s a blast watching the big February game with a little bit more on the line.

So here are one man’s rankings using standard fantasy scoring and 10 or 12 teams, plus you draft once and all your options are active. No changes after the first playoff weekend. It’s more fun that way, frankly. Anyway, this isn’t head-to-head but rather it’s all the teams in your pool against one another and then total up the points at the end. Production is key, but volume of games can trump it. If you really think a certain team is going all the way, invest there and enjoy!