Summit recap: Debating Brady, top RBs and rookies

Tom Brady's four-game suspension made ranking him a difficult task. Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

ESPN’s awesome fantasy football summit wrapped up earlier this week and, as always, I learned a lot. Since we were so active on social media, hopefully fans did as well. There were so many experts in the room, from writers to talent to scouts and more dispensing relevant information and advice on strategy, analytics, injuries and so many other topics, I believe everyone in the room learned something. There were informative panels, forums, conversations and debates … I’m just happy to still be a part of it.

Of course, many of you simply want rankings and perhaps some of you want to know how they came about, so to start things off at the end of this first week of May it’s my turn to discuss the notable debates and discussions from the two-day event. It’s not like we simply show up, see preliminary lists of players and projections, simply wave a hand and agree to everything and then stuff food down our collective throats. We wait until nighttime for the latter part!

We all have opinions and while some share more than others, I believe many of us were swayed as well. I sure was. My overall top 10 changed. My top running back did as well. And man, it took hours ranking those kickers. OK, perhaps not that part. But briefly as possible, because I intend to expand on these topics in future blog entries this summer -- we've got four months before Week 1! -- here is one man’s view of the top-10 notable debates from our summit.