Leron Black to take time after Baylor split 

January, 3, 2013
Moms aren’t always right, but most have sterling track records especially when it comes to their sons. The day Leron Black (Memphis, Tenn./White Station) committed to Baylor, any veteran recruiting observer could tell you this one probably wasn’t finished. All you had to do was read the following quote from the ESPN 60 forward:

Leron Black
Courtesy of Andrew Shurtleff2014 forward Leron Black is in high demand after decommitting from Baylor.
“I wanted to [commit] when I was there but my momma said to wait,” Black said. “I prayed about it. Sunday at church, the preacher said that if God tells you to do something you should listen.”

Black listened alright, he went ahead and committed. Turns out mom’s voice was finally heard a few months later. On the first day back from Christmas break, the nation's No. 11 junior rescinded the commitment to Baylor.