Guerdwich Montimere turns back the clock 

May, 4, 2012
On April 15, 2010, I received an email from New Mexico Force coach Ross Romero. Each year Romero brings a team of kids from New Mexico and Texas to the Real Deal on the Hill in Arkansas, an event I typically attend. In advance of the event, Romero sends out a blast email describing his team. One player in particular stood out: Jerry Joseph. He had Romero excited.

Guerdwich Montimere
AP Photo/Ector County SheriffGuerdwich Montimere, also known as Jerry Joseph, is currently in jail in Texas.
“6-5, Wing, 2012, Jerry Joseph (Odessa Permian HS - Odessa, TX) - high major potential - one of the top scorers in district as a Soph.”

During the event, I watched the Force and Joseph, who looked to me like a bull out on the court. I’ve seen thousands of high school sophomores in my day and the physically mature ones tend to stand out. Joseph looked older, much older. I can’t say I gave it much thought, as kids reclassify or are held back a lot nowadays. Plus, I’m sure on some level I saw “Permian” and thought Boobie Miles and Texas high school football. Either way, I noted he looked older, rated him a mid-major prospect as a small forward and included him in my report to college coaches.