Constructing my 2012 dream team 

February, 6, 2012
My mind’s always on the move. It’s early Sunday morning, shortly after the Mizzou/KU game ended and I’m lying in bed. My mind’s racing and the topic is team construction. What would my ultimate team look like if I used members of the senior class?

Well, in order to put this team together, I had to sample how the rosters of the top-five teams in the country were developed. Since I’m trying to win a championship, I figured the best shot I had is to get the best players. My elementary research following a breakdown of the rosters of Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State, Missouri and North Carolina, I found the constraints by which to choose my team.

I took the average rankings of the players from their rosters and deduced the following based off those rosters:

  • My team would have 10 scholarship players
  • I was allowed to select as many as three top-10 players but no more than four top-25 recruits