Summer adversity jump started Lindsey 

January, 30, 2012
Jalen Lindsey (Franklin, Tenn./Christ Presbyterian) is a lucky kid. He’s found a high school coach with a player’s background and a great setting to develop. Lindsey, a sophomore member of the ESPNU 25, entrusted his game – both on and off the court – to Drew Maddux, a former Vanderbilt player. Maddux, also a former high school teammate of Ron Mercer, knows his stuff.

PCA, according to Maddux, has seven Division I prospects, including Belmont-bound senior Craig Bradshaw (Nashville, Tenn./PCA). However, among the current group of players, Lindsey is the headliner and for good reason.

“Jalen is a special young man,” Maddux said. “Things have come easy, not unlike a lot of kids on the circuit. He had talent and skill set for above his age group. With the ease comes complacency. He was successful as he compared himself with his peers instead of an internal benchmark for greatness.”