Kris Jenkins makes it two in a row 

January, 11, 2012
There’s nothing more rewarding than being in the gym when the “light goes on” for a kid. Last weekend, during our ESPNU broadcast of Gonzaga vs. Whitney Young, Kris Jenkins (Washington, D.C./Gonzaga), a 2013 power forward, had what amounted to a breakout game on national television. It was awesome.

Jenkins, while tasked with providing resistance against elite center Jahlil Okafor (Chicago/Whitney Young) and giving up five inches to the sophomore, scored 21 points. He found perfection in terms of his balance between post and perimeter play. On the air we made a point of addressing his performance and challenged him to do it again. One game is nice, but once the bar is raised, in order to win over observers, there’s only one way to do it: replicate the effort.

On Tuesday night, against St. Mary’s Ryken, Jenkins did just that. He went for 34 points in the win.