Adversity is nothing to run from 

January, 6, 2012
Remember Drew Henson, the former minor leaguer and Michigan quarterback? Sports Illustrated penned a strong story about him and Tom Brady during their time at Michigan. The crux of the story was actually about Brady, who he was and how he became who he is. To make a long story short, Brady became Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer because he fought adversity.

Heading into his junior season, when the Wolverines courted Henson, then the big name quarterback protégé from Michigan, Brady’s father saw the writing on the wall. However, Tom Brady saw it another way. He put it on himself to beat out Henson and earn what was coming to him. Brady didn’t fold, he fought. He fought for his job and his career. He didn’t listen to his parents who would have endorsed a transfer.

The story got me thinking about today’s athletes, in particular basketball players. We’ve seen a rash of midseason transfers. We never really know the full story – or at least both sides – when a kid packs his bags and leaves. All we know is that players are doing it more frequently than ever. More kids elect to flee than fight through adversity. Who can blame them? There’s always the next coach with the next chance or the parent or advisor in the kid’s ear selling him on a better situation.