Then and now: Ezeli, Jenkins and Kuhlman 

December, 9, 2011
On Wednesday night, I had a chance to take in the Vanderbilt game at Davidson. The contest turned into a battle and the unexpected return of Festus Ezeli to the Commodores lineup spelled doom for the Wildcats. It had been nearly four years since I’d seen Ezeli up close and it's fair to say he’s going to change the fortunes of Vanderbilt in a good way. Seeing he, Vandy guard John Jenkins and Davidson's J.P. Kuhlman live made me dig up old evaluations and compare them to the 2011 versions.

From Reebok U to the NBA?
In this business, when your job is to see as many prospects as you possibly can, sometimes you simply get lucky. In 2007, I saw Ezeli play a few games at Reebok U. and then never heard from him again until he enrolled at Vanderbilt a few months later.