Dominic Artis still has good options 

October, 6, 2011
If you’re on the East Coast, like me, you awoke Thursday morning to the news that Dominic Artis (Richmond, Calif./Findlay Prep) is no longer a UCLA Bruin. Without hearing Artis’ side of the story, it’s reasonable to conclude that this move is a reaction to the commitment of Kyle Anderson (Fairview, N.J./St. Anthony). The Bruins were scheduled to have Artis, Anderson and Larry Drew (for a year) on the same team.

However, some may be confused with lumping Anderson into the backcourt because he's listed as a small forward. True, Anderson is listed in our database as a small forward because defensively he’s going to guard either a small forward or a power forward but offensively he’s going to have the ball in his hands.

Anderson is the most unique player in the class. He can operate a team, score or pass and make high-level decisions. You want the basketball in his hands. He’s a playmaker and with the requisite weapons around him, he then would morph into one of college basketball’s most intriguing offensive players, maybe in a while. Anderson’s so unique, coach Ben Howland understands you have to match his talents to the personnel you fill out the roster with.