Buggs, Goodman, Astroth in the news 

November, 8, 2011
There’s going to be a ton of pledges and signings this week. Having acknowledged that, it’s important to speak on an under the radar that is worthy of noting. A.J. Astroth (Tampa, Fla./Faith Baptist Christian) picked Vanderbilt over Coastal Carolina and interest from Maryland, Virginia Tech and even a dabble from Stanford.

Forget who offered and who didn’t. Last summer, Astroth was a shooting star with Team Breakdown in July. Forget the household names, this guy made as many 3-pointers as any of the big dogs who got all the credit. More than once, I saw him put on eye-popping displays of marksmanship.

Old Dominion, South Carolina and Providence did too and each offered him coming out of the summer season. They were under the assumption that he was Class of 2011. Turns out, they were right and wrong at the same time. Astroth could have enrolled in college this fall but he had other plans.