A brave new world in ACC recruiting 

September, 20, 2012
If you’re like everyone else, your mind is slow to warm up to the idea of conference realignment. I had an easier time with Chad Johnson’s transition to Ochocinco and subsequent decommitment back to Johnson than I do with saying Pittsburgh and ACC in the same sentence. Regardless, we all need to make the mental transition.

Josh Newkirk
Arianna Hoffman for ESPN.comJosh Newkirk, who committed to Pittsburgh, is the first recruit to be tied to ACC realignment.
Point guard Josh Newkirk (Raleigh, N.C./Word of God) grew up in the heart of ACC country. He committed to Pittsburgh on Wednesday and will play in the league in the fall of 2013. But would he be a Panther had they remained in the Big East?

“I don’t know,” Newkirk said. “That’s a tough question. I think so.”