In Watkins, UAB has a future general 

August, 20, 2012
To me, there’s something special about the relationship between a head coach and his point guard. From Skip Prosser and Chris Paul to Jim Calhoun and Kemba Walker, that bond between the coach on the floor and the coach on the sidelines is special. There’s no doubt in my mind that the first position I’d address if given the chance to be a head coach, would be point guard.

At UAB, Jerod Haase recently had his mind put at ease with the addition of point guard Dayshawn Watkins (Jacksonville, Ark./N. Pulaski). Watkins was drawn to UAB because Haase coached as an assistant for North Carolina.

“We connected because he worked with a few point guards that I really liked like Kendall Marshall, Ty Lawson and Bobby Frasor,” Watkins said. “He always talked about how he could help me. He didn’t promise playing time, but I think I can compete.”