Iowa State positioned for future success 

August, 2, 2012
Fred Hoiberg sat and watched. Each 3-point shot as deep as the next. Each time down the floor, a confident 6-foot-4 guard handled the ball, made a deft pass or launched a shot brimming with accuracy. The player’s expression never changed and neither did Hoiberg’s. It was as if success was expected, kind of like the day Hoiberg was hired.

In Ames, Iowa, when “The Mayor” made his return, the place was excited. One of their own was coming home. After 10 years in the NBA and stint as VP of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the guy who scored nearly 2,000 career points was back in Ames. It was a feel-good story.

In Ames, the story was extra large. While Cyclones fans couldn’t have felt better, the college hoops community took a wait and see approach. There’s a difference between being a pro and college coach. Recruiting and coaching on the college level are different, mainly recruiting. When you take a guy from the NBA game, the NBA lifestyle and dump him into the grinding world of 12-month-a-year coaching and recruiting, one never really knows the outcome.