Chasing Robert Hubbs 

June, 21, 2012
One of the things you do in preparing for July is create a hit list of players you must see for the first time. There’s always that straggler you haven’t crossed paths with and need to evaluate. I recall looking under rocks for Otto Porter and didn’t run into him until there were only weeks remaining in his senior year.

This time around, shooting guard Robert Hubbs (Newbern, Tenn./Dyer County) has proven the most elusive player. Seen him on tape, listened to our staffers break him down but have yet to watch him live. That changes in July when our paths cross in multiple cities (fingers crossed).

Hubbs isn’t Otto Porter and they don’t even play the same position. In fact, there are a slew of scouts who have seen Hubbs several times. The only perspective I’m coming at this from is mine and like Porter, he evaded me. Also like Porter, Hubbs comes from a town that isn’t a hub of activity.