ESPN 100 C Shepherd coming into his own 

June, 6, 2012
Most big men, like ESPN 100 C Karviar Shepherd (Dallas/Grace Prep), go through a different process than prospects at other positions. It’s common for them to be introverted early, almost meek on the floor. Even Greg Oden was afraid of actually hurting the kids he was playing against. One of the keys in the evaluation and evolution of these big fellas is to see if and when they come out of their shell and let their personality shine.

A year ago, Shepherd would look down at the ground when he was talking to you. He wasn’t comfortable speaking for himself and quickly ended conversations. I recall the same thing with Andrew Bynum when he was a junior in high school. He was shy, almost embarrassed by his size and wanted no part of speaking in public. Heading into his senior year, Bynum opened up and not only was he engaging, he was comfortable and guess what? His game exploded. Shepherd’s game is on the cusp of exploding in a similar fashion.

“Last year I didn’t have that mindset of being aggressive,” Shepherd said. “Now I’ve been able to come out and be that way. I look at what I can do better. My offense is getting way better and my flexibility is much better. I’m getting comfortable. I’m getting used to having people in my face with cameras and video recorders.”